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Video Schedule:
Monday: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Let's Play Series
Tuesday: Lets Build Minecraft Series
Wednesday: Yogscast Complete Minecraft Mod Series
Friday: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Let's Play Series
Saturday: Scania Truck Driving Simulator

Whats happening to Minecraft videos?
I am starting a new series of Yogscast Complete, the official mod pack for The Yogscast. They will be available to watch on a TUESDAY!!

Railbloxcraft will be returning very soon, we have moved the server to a new company that has much more powerful, cheeper servers, GGServers.com, Railbloxcraft is moving to a shiny new 120 player server soon, we are working on all of the Survival ares and spawn areas, the server should go live by late June early July dependent on build speed and the amount of bug fixing with the plugins! The new server has 5GB of ram and 50GB SSD running in RAID 0 with 2 other drives. The server is coming soon!!

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